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BiForm has been privileged to be a part of some unique and amazing projects. Here, we share the stories behind just some of them.



When designing the smoking area at the Auckland International Airport, Jasmax Architect, Michael Parkin prioritised materials that were easy to clean and maintain, provided a timber look finish, allowed easy access to all areas of the waterproof membrane below, and most importantly, fire safe.


Being a public smoking area with heavy foot traffic, maintenance and durability were key factors in the decision-making process. A wood plastic material was already on the radar due to the low maintenance nature of the composition, so it came down to which offered the highest fire safety. It was decided that all composite decking products available in New Zealand would be fire tested which included setting each board alight. It was found that BiForm Solid Composite Decking burned the slowest of all options and was deemed the most suitable for the job.

Once BiForm was chosen, the last piece of the puzzle was to figure out how best to ensure that there would be easy access to the waterproof membrane below, all while working around a large seismic beam running through the middle of the area. BiForm’s design team designed a custom-made modular panel system that was developed with the specific purpose of being able to lift each individual panel, while also remaining easy to install and great to look at. BiForm was also used to form the large central seat element, complete with integrated stainless steel ashtrays and arm rests.


The results speak for themselves. Through creative design and innovation, BiForm were able to supply and install a custom-made solution to a tricky situation. The Auckland International Airport now has a beautiful outdoor smokers’ deck that is custom built for purpose, low maintenance and fire safe. Michael Parkin has stated that BiForm met their expectations with a consistent and uniform look.


Project: Auckland International Airport Smokers Deck
Architect: Michael Parkin, Jasmax
Builder: BiForm
Project Completion: May 2018
Decking Profile Used: FORM 140 Camo Brown



When exploring options of how to transform their entrance area and staff outdoor area, Global Linings Ltd had three essential boxes to be checked- It had to be low maintenance, it had to look great and it had to be quick and easy to install, so not to disrupt business operations.

 After doing his research, Paddy, from Global Linings, found that our BiForm Solid Composite Decking was a perfect fit for these criteria.


While looking at potential products, Paddy found that a lot of the decking timbers did not match the commercial look of their building. This directed his research toward BiForm, to which he discovered the low maintenance nature of our composite decking. The plastic component in the decking means that there is no need for oiling of staining the deck and the maintenance requirement was a lot lower than that of regular timber. Our versatile Camo Grey colour was a perfect fit for the Global Linings building.


A potential hiccup in the product selection process came when some of the staff were hesitant, having not used composite decking before and hearing bad reviews about hollow composite decking boards. These doubts were put to rest after finding out that BiForm only use solid composite decking boards which have been rigorously tested with a BRANZ appraisal.

The installation was carried out by VB Construction. BiForm designed the layout for the outdoor area, balancing aesthetics with efficiency. It was the first time that the VB Construction team has used composite decking and our hidden fixing system, but with comprehensive installation instructions and after consultation with the BiForm team along the way, Victor and his team found it easy and quick to install.


The Global Linings staff are now very happy with the finished deck and are extremely happy with Paddy’s choice in BiForm Solid Composite Decking. For a commercial site it is ideal, and they have found it very east to keep clean, while the performance and suitability is exactly what they were looking to achieve.

Paddy is happy to talk to anyone you the deck and you’re welcome to come by and see the front entrance at any time.

Project: Global Linings Staff Breakout Area
Builder: VB Construction
Project Completion: July 2016
Decking Profile Used: FORM 130 Camo Grey