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17 years ago BiForm was birthed out of a passion to take care of this beautiful planet that we share and make a positive impact on its well-being. By using recycled timber in our composite decking boards we are doing our part to reduce deforestation, saving the homes of endangered animals, such as the Orangutan, in the process. By using recycled plastic in our composite decking boards we are reducing the amount of harmful plastic sitting in landfills. Having a positive environmental impact is one of BiForm’s core values and one that we are constantly looking to prioritise and improve on…because there are always ways to be better. Being ‘eco-friendly’ is one thing, but understanding your environmental impact is how change is made. Our BiForm team believe in the impact that we are having because no matter how big or small, we believe that anybody can affect change.

Kauri Dieback


Always looking to expand our environmental impact, we have recently partnered with a conservation charity project, Trees That Count, to plant native trees in communities around New Zealand, benefiting their cause and ours. So, for every deck sold throughout New Zealand, we will fund the planting of a native tree in our customer’s names. The native trees that Trees that Count plant will not only play an important role in reducing net CO2 (Carbon) emissions but will also strengthen New Zealand’s biodiversity as a whole for decades to come.

The composition of our BiForm decking boards is made up of 60% recycled timber and 30% recycled plastic. The remaining 10% is a combination of an anti-fungal agent and colouring. Every year we recycle hundreds of trees worth of timber and millions of bottles worth of plastic in our boards. These numbers will only continue to grow, as will the positive effect we are having on the environment.

The environmentally friendly nature of our product, with no toxic chemicals, has made it an ideal material for many forest tracks and boardwalks as a part of New Zealand’s Kauri Dieback Programme. We are helping to create safe walkways to protect our native Kauri from harmful diseases and support it’s associated ecosystem. Our decking boards, made of recycled timber, being used in our native forest to help protect it- it is a full-circle story that we are proud of.