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Biform Joins Amotai Network

Biform is proud of our country and also very proud of our Pasifika heritage.

One way we have gone about demonstrating this pride has been to join the Amotai network.

Amotai works with government, corporate, and Iwi organisations to unlock procurement opportunities and enable meaningful connections with Māori and Pasifika businesses.

“We identify strongly with our Samoan heritage,” Biform founder Tau Aupa’au says. “Working with Amotai helps support our vision to build sustainable wealth for our families and communities.”

He says Amotai works as a supplier diversity intermediary to connect Māori and Pasifika-owned businesses with buyers wanting to purchase goods and services or undertake works programmes.

“Besides providing us with opportunities, Amotai also provides practical advice and support to help us to successfully engage with Pasifika-owned and iwi businesses,” Tau says. “We are already working on the first projects arising out of our association.”

Tau says that as Biform continues to grow the company becomes involved in much larger and more complex contracts and tenders.

“Working with Amotai is another string to our bow in a competitive business environment,” Tau says. “The better our networks, the stronger we are as an organisation.”

He says working with Amotai expands Biform’s “toolbox” when it comes engaging with customers and partners.

“We get access to specialist resources and learning opportunities to develop our skills and knowledge,” he says. “By being part of the Amotai whānau we engage with many other like-minded Māori and Pasifika-owned businesses, giving us the opportunity to work together and create new opportunities.”