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Kauri Dieback

Biform Walks The Sustainability Talk

Sustainability and the use of eco-friendly building products is central to Biform’s business ethos and
the company has applied this across the business.

“When it comes to waste management, the focus is often on recycling,” Biform Managing Director
Tau Aupa’au says. “In fact when it comes to an effective waste policy there is more to the process
than recycling.”

He says the usual waste minimisation hierarchy includes, in order of importance, prevention,
reduction and reuse followed by recycling and recovery, with disposal being the least desirable

“We decided to apply this wider approach in Biform when it comes to managing our packaging,” Tau
says. “When we pack our products we include a courier label which allows plastic wrap, cardboard
corners, strapping and clips to be returned to us in the original shipping box.”

He says the company is then able to reuse as much of this material as possible with only a minimum
amount going to landfill.

“Even then we take care to use biodegradable material to minimise the impact on the environment,”
he says.

“Customers and partners have not only embraced this initiative, but many are also promoting the
approach for their own business and their suppliers,” he says. “Not only are we closing our own
waste loop, we’re helping others become motivated to do the same.”

More information about the waste management hierarchy can be found at: