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Biform is a FSC® Promotional Licence Holder

Biform Ltd has taken an important step forward in its sustainability journey, becoming a part of the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC) community as a Promotional Licence Holder. This exciting development demonstrates BiForm’s commitment to the responsible sourcing of forest-based products.

“Obtaining an FSC Promotional Licence was a significant time investment for us,” says Biform Operations Manager Ben Aupa’au. “However, it is a really important acknowledgement that our FSC-certified products are verified by third-party certification bodies. It allows us to showcase that our FSC-certified forest-based products have come from a credible supply chain that ensures that the forests and those that rely on them are cared for.”

As the most credible sustainable forestry solution, FSC ensures sustainability claims companies make about FSC-certified products are truthful, relevant, and clear, guarding against greenwashing and upholding integrity. This is supported by independent audits performed throughout the supply chain and approval for each use of FSC’s trademarks.

FSC’s rigorous standards for responsible forest management address important environmental and social issues throughout a certified forest product’s supply chain. This includes extensive biodiversity protections such as the protection of rare, threatened, or endangered species. FSC’s standards also require the rights of Indigenous Peoples, communities, and workers to be upheld.

Ben says that people who specify Biform’s products for commercial projects can have confidence that the products contribute to their supply chain integrity. Residential customers can also be assured that Biform products have strong environmental credentials.

By purchasing FSC-certified products, Biform’s clients are helping care for forests and the people and wildlife that depend on them.